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What Dungeon Busters do each of the characters have?

Last Updated: May 03, 2013 03:13PM PDT
All characters have a unique Dungeon Buster move. 

Berserker: Rampage - Berserker and allies' movement speed and attack are increased.
    Uses: Axe Weapons, Hammer Weapons, Throwing Weapons

Ranger: 3 piercing waves of arrows shot at enemies; each arrow wave can be aimed separately.
        Uses: Bow Weapons, sword weapons, and magic.

Sorcerer: Summons 4 lightning balls to form a barrier around the sorcerer frying all nearby enemies
        Uses: Lightning staves, lightning magic, Magic scrolls

Battle Chef: Explosive cows rain from the sky, damaging foes and spawning hamburger food items.
        Uses: Meat Cleavers, Cooking Items, Throwing Weapons

Vampire Hunter: Scatters 6 traps around her, forming a defensive ring
        Uses: Crossbow, Sword Weapons, Hunter traps, Throwing Weapons

Ghost Samurai: Summons 3 samurai armor clones to fight for you. Each clone lasts 30 seconds.
        Uses: Katana Blades, Sword Weapons, Magic Scrolls

Pyromancer: Pulls in enemies, explodes and then drops some meteors on their heads!
       Uses: Fire Gloves, Fire Orbs, Flame Staves, and Fire Runes.

Dragon Knight: Summons 4 elemental Dragons to fight by your side! Each Dragon lasts for 30 seconds.
       Uses: Flying Spears, Long Spears, Dragon Charms, Poleaxes


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